46 Years Anniversary

Since 1974, Shiu Fat was started business in Hong Kong by Mr. K. F. Tang. 46 years past, we went through the up and down. We are looking forward to meet everyone at 50 years, 100 years anniversary.

Thank you very much for all of your supporting.

Back to work

We already back to work after Covid-19. It is a hard tome, be sure that it will be recovered.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home.

Wear mask if go out. Mask is useful, proved in SARS 2003.

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday 2019 中秋節假安排

We will be in Holiday from 13 Sep., 2019.  Will be back to work on 16 Sep (Mon).

Hope everyone have a Happy “Full Moon” Festival.

我司將於9月13日放假。並於9月16日 (星期一)正常上班。