Steven Tang

Dear Everyone,

You are welcome to visit website of Shiu Fat.  Here is a little information of myself, for you to understand more about our company.

I am Steven, son of the founder of Shiu Fat, K. F. Tang. I started working in production since I was a teenager as summer worker.  After school, be a apprentice in production, Warehouse Keeper, Quality Control, and almost all the position in the factory.  Within these years, I was working outside as a merchandiser between 1997 to 1999 to practice more skill other than manufacturing.

Since 2011, I take over the management of Shiu Fat.  For more effective managing, I also took some course to made myself stronger, like Industrial Management, Project Management, and more technical knowledges in plastic injection and molding.

When the factory moved to China, personally found the very big different of people behavior and Working Style between China and Hong Kong.  Even nowadays, the atmosphere of China and people keep changing rapidly.  There is still many things to learn in managing.

In these years, my successful project is applying ISO9001 and TS16949 (Changed to IATF16949 on 2017).  This help me very much to understanding more than quality control, also management and communication skill.

Now, more than managing the factory, my mainly duty is company developing.  We need to planning and directing the company to become more last longing and can be growing up as in the future.

You are welcome to contact me personally in Facebook and Linkined.